Our History

National Patent Analytical Systems, Inc. was formed as a division of National Patent Development Corporation in 1986, to manufacture breath alcohol testing instruments. The company was moved from the East coast to Ohio in 1991and has been a significant competitor in a number of fields, all of which involve production of very sensitive instrumentation and products whose correct performance is life or death critical.

B1 Bomber

Our manufacturing plant is a 20,000 square foot facility adjacent to the Mansfield Lahm Airport and we employ approximately 31 professionals, including engineers and professionals in the electrical, mechanical, software and other disciplines. NPAS is ISO 9001:2015 certified, is MIL-STD-790 Quality Assurance Level, and is DCMA certified for higher level quality contracts for critical application items. We contract with entities ranging from the U.S. Department of Defense to billion dollar global manufacturers. Our development team has the capability of designing complex products of all types from the idea stage to production.

In 1994 Courtland Industries, a manufacturer of electromagnetic relays and contactors primarily for military aircraft, was acquired by National Patent Analytical Systems, Inc., and has steadily grown the number of products it is qualified to design and manufacture for the U.S. Military. The merger of these companies combined a number of engineering disciplines, and made available greater scientific depth which enables us to develop, test and produce a wider range of products.

Along the way, National Patent Analytical Systems contracted to manufacture or acquired a number of additional products. We have developed relationships with technology companies such as MKS Instruments, Inc. of Andover, MA as a supplier of infrared gas sensors used on a product developed for production of microchips. These relationships have caused NPAS to implement quality systems such as Copy Exact, and have required that NPAS adhere to very strict, closely-monitored manufacturing protocols comparable to large precision electronics corporations.